Q1) Which age group of students are eligible to join this programme?
A: Students age 12 to 17 years old.

Q2) My child is already 12 years old. Is my child allowed to skip year 7 and go straight to year 8 by virtue of his age?
A: It depends. Generally, it is not advisable on 2 reasons. The entire IGCSE program is conducted in  English. Proficiency in English is a pre-requisite to do well in this programme. Secondly, the approach is very different from our local SPM.

Q3)Is this programme recognized by the Malaysian government?
A: According to the University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE) brochure, Malaysia is not one of the countries listed that recognized IGCSE certificate. Thus, the certificate cannot be used as an entry requirement to Malaysian local universities. However, the certificate is widely accepted and recognized by local colleges or foreign universities. For more info, please log-in: www.cie.org.uk

Q4) Can my child complete the whole secondary programme in 4 years or less?
A: Yes it is possible. The programme is designed to achieve this objective.

Q5) Is the tuition fees charged fixed for the whole duration of studies?
A: It is not possible for any organization to give any undertakings that the fees is fixed throughout
the whole duration of the programne. However, the adjustment (if there is) is kept to the minimum to ensure the students will be able to complete the course.

Q6) Beside studying, are there any other activities lined-up for this programme?
A: Yes, there are interesting programmes designed that are incorporated into this program. There are weekly ….
  1. English-Reading programme
  2. Co-Curriculum programme eg: Photography & Design, Hip-Hop Dance etc
  3. Soft-skill Enhancement programme; Presentation-skill thru MindRich Opinion Corner (MOC)
  4. Physical Education activities eg: Badminton, basketball & futsal.

Q7) How about food; tea-break & lunch? Where are they going to have them?
A: A catering-service will be engaged to take care of these needs. A nominal fee is collected from the parents to be paid to the caterer on a monthly basis. The students will have their meals in the centre.

Q8) Are there any tests and examinations conducted?
A: Yes, there will be monthly tests, mid-year exams and final exams conducted. The exams questions will be set and marked based on external examinations standard.

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