MindRICH Academy is Alan’s 3rd education centre after having setup his 1st tuition centre under the brand name of MindaJaya Tuition Centre aka MJ backed in 2005. In a short span of time, he managed to establish MJ as one of the most reputable tuition centre in Klang and soon becoming a household name among the students and parents. Then in 2007, he went on to add another feather in the cap by establishing MJ 2nd centre in Bukit Tinggi Klang. www.mindajaya.edu.my

Alan Ng
came from a family whose parents have always believe that education is the key to success and they have always encouraged the children to study hard for their own future. Besides these, his parents have also taught him well about principles of life and social responsibility that have made him what he is today.

From his tender years, Alan has always been one of the top performers in school, both academically and in co-curricular activities. He had his primary education at Sek. Ren. Keb Jalan Meru and moved on to the Klang High School for his secondary and pre-university education. He went on to obtain his degree, B.Sc (Management with Laws) (Hons) from the London School of Economics, University of London in 1998.

Alan has always been a leader in his life. From young, he has always taken the leadership role and responsibility in school. He was the class monitor from Primary 1 to 4, school prefect in Primary 5 and Head Prefect in Primary 6. The leadership role continues in secondary school when he was a school prefect from Form 1 to Form 5 and being appointed as the School Captain in 1994.

Being a teacher was never his ambition. However, things started to change when he took up tutoring as part time job when he was doing his undergraduate study in 1994. He was tutoring Science and Chemistry in several established tuition centres in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to earn enough money to pay his university tuition fees. He found tutoring fun and it cheers him a lot when his students do well in the examination.

After graduating, Alan continues to tutor even as he found his 1st career with Pfizer, the world largest pharmaceutical company (a MNC in Malaysia). In his 6 excellent years with Pfizer, he was doing very well with promotion after promotion and earning numerous awards along the way. The turning point came when he realised that seeing his students' smiles and joys in the classroom gave him more fulfillment and satisfaction than serving his customers in the pharmaceutical industry. He ever said this “I get a lot of pressure from my customers at work but all that will disappear the minute I see my students as I get a lot of pleasure from teaching!”.

Alan knew then that teaching is where his passion lies. With that in mind and with a modest start-up capital, he went on to establish his own tuition centre hoping to educate more students in realising their own goals and aspiration. In just over 2 years since the inception, MJ has over 600 students to date and the numbers keep growing! Students come from as far as Kapar, Banting, Pandamaran and Shah Alam to MJ to obtain their knowledge.
Alan has his own ideas in taking private tuition industry to the next level. He has many aspirations and innovative ideas that may add value to his teaching. He believes in taking his students and coaching them into world class achievers.

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